Horse Betting Strategies

It is well known that professional gamblers have been making money for decades using horse betting systems. However, how to make money from betting on horses is a question many gamblers ask.

Recently I was at a race track discussing horse betting strategies with an expert. He told me that he earns around $10,000 USD a year just by betting on horses. I was quite stunned by this number, but he did prove me right with several other strategies.

Now, I was wondering how much money he earned using his betting strategies. We decided to run some numbers. Our discussion points were food, internet, mobile, and cheaper transportation options. $10,000 USD sounds like a lot of money, but when you're talking about thousands of people earning weekly, this becomes a very conservative number.

I asked the expert of how heells he got his 10K+ from his strategies. He said that he is able to earn this every month from some of his strategies. He said that some of his friends even Double their pay this way.

From my conversation with him I learned that not only is this a lot of money being earned by these professionals. This has helped him enjoy the life that we all wish for. However, I wonder how many others would love to make 10K+ of extra income every month and only need a system to show them how to do it.

To find out, I gave him a list of 5 strategies that I know and have used to earn a very healthy monthly income betting on horse races. He said that some of these strategies bring in up to 10K+ a month, but none of these strategies are really geared towards making money from betting.

Since I wanted to find out how much money professional gamblers were making from horse betting, I suggested we put together a list of strategies that we could send to him, since I know that he will be the first person to try and sell his strategies.

I wrote to him and explained to him why his strategies are not going to work for him. Once we got his reply, I waited for 24 hours or more, and this is the first that I heard from him through the weekend. Of course, I wasn't an immediate vendor, but a follow-up email revealed that he was experiencing delays with his orders.

That evening I waited for another arena update and reached the same conclusion. The strategies are good, but not necessarily great. They will allow you to be a winner, but they will not guarantee one.

I modified my own strategy to fit his order exactly. It was a $1.00 extra bet on the one digit end. Not a sure thing, but it is an investment that I will collect many times over should I lose.

On Monday, we got the alert. It was bad. The losses were mounting up and my existing money was being eaten away. I had to stop for the rest of the day. Fortunately, the arena feature was still alive, so I still had some betting money to play with.

Hopefully, this review has provided you with enough information to gauge the price for your ideal dewapoker betting strategy. It is highly possible that you will find a cheaper price somewhere else.